Our original cameo designs are registered with US copyright office. Cameos acquired from TomorrowsUnknown.com can be used in jewelry or art for resale. Not to be duplicated in any form (via mold or otherwise). Not to be sold as supplies unless as an authorized reseller whereas specific verbiage on the listing is required to the effect of " Authorized reseller, original designs copyright Tomorrowsunknown.com" 

The following questions and answers pertain to our original designs only:

  • Q. Can i make a mold of a cameo to duplicate and use in my jewelry or resell as supplies? NO moldmaking from our cameos is strictly prohibited
  • Q. Can i make a mold of a cameo and sell the mold? NO moldmaking from our cameos is strictly prohibited
  • Q. I've purchased replicas from another supplier not realizing they were copyright protected can i still use them? NO. it is illegal to use replicas / knockoffs and we find and report listings on a regular basis.
  • Q. I bought too many cameos and want to sell some of them, is it allowed?  Only with the following verbiage "Destash Sale, cameos copyright TomorrowsUnknown.com / not to be duplicated"


A few notes regarding shipping:

  • Shipping is calculated at checkout.
  • MOST orders are shipped with 2-4 business days (not including transit time, once shipped you will receive an email with tracking.
  • We are not responsible for packages that are lost or delayed. We will ship to the address listed at checkout, please make sure it is correct.
  • We are not responsible for packages/pieces that may be damaged in transit.


Any other questions please feel free to contact us.